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Basketball Playoffs on 2/21/19

To the Parents and Students of Etowah High School.

Congratulations to our Varsity Boy's Basketball team for making it to the regional championship game at Jacksonville State University on Thursday, February 21st at 10:45 AM.

We would like to have as many students support our team as possible. Students who do not come to school on that day, but attend the game will need to sign-in at the game with one of our teacher chaperones. Students who sign in at the game will be considered "Principal Excused" for the day. Etowah High School will not be responsible for students who choose to provide their own transportation.

Students who come to school may ride a fan bus. These students will need to bring a signed parent field trip permission form to school tomorrow morning at the latest. Students will need to purchase their own tickets. The cost of the bus will be covered. If you ride the bus, you must leave and return on the bus.

On Thursday, no students will be allowed to check out by phone or note to go to the game. For added safety, a parent or primary guardian may check their children out in person. No one may check out a student who is not on the student's check out list.

Go Blue Devils!