• Here are a few things you can do at home that will help your child be succssful:

    • count to 100
    • count backwards from 20
    • sort the laundry, food items, toys, etc. (put objects that have common attributes together, for example: all the red clothes in a pile, all the white clothes in a pile, and so on)
    • add and subtract within the sum or difference of 5 (5-1=4, 2+3=5, 1+1=2, 4-1=3)
    • sight word flash cards
    • alphabet flash cards
    • number flash cards 0-30
    • using sight words and simple words (three letter words) to build sentences (I have a cat. The dog is big.)
    • seperating the sounds in three letter words and blending the sounds to make words verbally (ex: c-a-t...cat, s-i-t....sit, b-a-t...bat)
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    • Make your classdojo account using the code I gave you
    • Please make sure all money that you send to school is in your child's folder and labeled according to its purpose
    • Check the district website daily for the new link to apply online for free/reduced meals
    • Snacks will start the second week of school
    • Any changes to the way your child gets home must be done in writing
    • Practice with your child everyday to help them learn their lunch number 


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