• COUNSELOR'S WATCH (Brief Description)

     The Counselor's Watch is a comprehensive program that targets a student's academic, personal/social, and behavioral concerns. 


    COUNSELOR'S WATCH (Components)

    1. Academic Concerns - Academic Alliance Plans, Grade Review, and Progress Monitoring
    2. Personal/Social Concerns - Personal/Social Alliance Plans and Conflict Resolution Strategies
    3. Behavioral Concerns - Behavioral Alliance Plans and Positive Behavior Support Plans



    The goal of the Counselor's Watch is to guide, motivate, and mentor students who have difficulty succeeding academically, personally, socially, and behaviorally. 


    COUNSELOR'S WATCH (How Students are Selected)

    The counselor utilizes disaggregated data such as attendance, grades, progress reports, report cards, discipline reports, referrals from teachers, parents, students (self or other students) to place students on watch.


    COUNSELOR'S WATCH (How Can Parents Assist)

    Parents can notify the school counselor of any concerns that could possibly present a challenge for his/her student's success in school.