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       This year is more important than ever to make sure each student has his or her own supplies so students do not have to share and risk getting Covid19. That it is why it is so important each student is responsible for his or her personal belongings. This will make it so much easier on the student too if all persoanl belongings are in each binder with pencil pouch so all supplies are ready to go for each class and there is no transferring of belongings from one class to the next if you have the right materials ready for each class. I suggest getting a pencil pouch for each class binder to help you make this possible.

       So, why mechanical pencils and erasable highlighters? We will  be doing a lot of writing and annotating in my class. I discovered these erasable highlighters and they have been a God send in class, especially when students make errors. I believe they are kind of new, so I bought some to try them out; they are amazing! These will save you on paper as well as us on extra copies and having to start over from so many mistakes that children make as they learn to dive deeper and annotate a text or learn how to write. Therefore, these are the highlighters I want purchased. I will do a big bulk order of them at the beginning of the year if you want to wait and get them then. I will also do the same on G2 or multicolored ink pens. The pen colors need to match the highlighter colors. This makes things so much easier for the student because as they learn, they are also creating their own study guide. I do not mind if your child would like to use colored pencils for this too if not all pen colors can be found.

    I have gone through multiple pencil sharpeners due to students tearing them up by jamming pencils and refusing to clean out the machines until messes are made on my floor. It is also a distraction when students have to get up to sharpen pencils because other students stop what they are doing to watch the student walk to the machine do someting funny and whatever else. I also have to stop teaching or try to talk over the noise of the pencil sharpener until the student gets it just right or breaks again and the process starts over, so I decided mechanical pencils would stop the mess and the distractions. I only have about 45 min of class time after roll call to teach writing, literature, grammar, and go over each day's bell ringer. We need all the extra time we can get and elimination of unnessary distractions. Please help me by getting the right supplies, and if you cannot, please let me know and we can work something out. ;) Remember, it takes a village!

    Crayola Erasable Highlighters Used for Annotating and Writing

    Pilot G2

    Pilot G2 Pens or other multicolored pens in a variety of colors that match same colors as highlighters are also needed for writing and annotating

    This year we will also be doing a book study. My goal is to help close the achievement gap when it comes to testing and the education among children who come from a low econmonic status and different ethnic groups. Therefore, along with my literature circles, we will also be doing two class book studies using Alabama's own Liz Huntley and her memior  More Than a Bird and Jim Stovall's The Ultimate Gift. I have the first novel we will do, and I will order the other one as we get there. I will keep you up to date. Make sure you have signed up for my remind! Also, my lesson plans are posted weekly, and your child's grades are posted onto inow for you to view. You can check them yourself! Please do not wait until progress reports or the end of the nine weeks to look for the first time at your child's grades. Also, Please make sure I have an up to date email address and phone number. It is so much easier and quicker for me to contact you and reply back through email or Remind. I will post the remind sign up as soon as I know my classes. 

     More Than a Bird Jim Stovall's The Ultimate Gift



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