Homeless Services Overview

  • The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law that identifies students as "homeless" and thus may have barriers to his/her education. A student qualifies as "homeless" if he/she is approved  after completion of the "Current Living Questionnaire" or green form that is given by the school upon enrolling or starting a new year. The qualifications are as follows: 1. The student lives with more than one family in a house or apartment (ex. Lives with mother and grandmother); 2. The student lives with someone, including friends, who are "not" the legal parent/guardian. (ex. Lives with grandmother or another relative with no custody awarded.); 3. The student lives in a program operated by the state or private institution such as: Eagle Rock, 13th Place; 4. The student lives in a hotel, motel, or campsite; 5. The student has "no permanent" night time residence; 6. The student is under the care of "temporary" foster parents and/or DHR placement, such as a safety plan.