Etowah High School One Page Instructional Target

  • Etowah High School

    One Page Instructional Target

    1. Community Building
    • All personnel will positively communicate and model high expectations by supporting and modeling P.R.I.D.E. (People Running In the Direction of Excellence)
    • All personnel will foster a safe learning environment that promotes the development of interpersonal skills, collaboration, and respect.
    • All personnel and students will exhibit responsible, resourceful, and respectful behaviors that will create a positive school culture that is conducive to learning.
    • All stakeholders will collaborate to encourage a positive school culture and develop school and community pride.
    1. Content Planning
    • Students will be motivated to take ownership of their learning experience by being responsible, prepared, curious, and goal-oriented.
    • Teachers will work collaboratively within departments and across the curriculum to create relevant lessons that use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
    • Teachers will create lessons that focus on providing clear, concise instruction through rigor, quality questioning, and application of content standards to real-world situations.

    III.  Instruction

    • Teachers will facilitate students taking ownership of their own academic successes with emphasis on student preparedness.
    • Teachers will provide support through differentiated instruction and tiered instruction.
    • Teachers will incorporate data-based, strategic lessons.
    • Teachers will relate their lessons to students’ life experiences.
    • Teachers will facilitate higher order thinking skills by discussions, effective questioning, activities, and projects.
    • Teachers and students will use the first 10 minutes of class to set the tone for instruction and preview the day’s learning target(s).


    1. Assessment for Learning
    • Teachers will use a variety of quality questioning to support student learning.
    • Teachers will ask students to explain and give reasoning to promote writing skills.
    • Teachers will consistently use formative and summative assessments (essays, short answer, demonstrations, presentations, projects, etc) to guide instruction
    • Teachers will incorporate more content-rich vocabulary development to increase reading and writing skills.
    • Students will use self/peer assessment to monitor progress.
    • Students will submit quality work in a timely fashion.