About EMS

  • Etowah Middle School provides an education for students in grades 6-8. We are an ARI, AMSTI, and SACS accredited school. We have approximately 360 students enrolled.  


    The Attalla City School System is committed to providing high quality learning opportunities for all students through engaging rigorous instruction partnered with community and family with a focus on student success.


    The Attalla City School System will provide educational opportunities to empower all students to be successful in a global workforce and society.


    • Safe learning environment
    • Students take ownership of their learning
    • Use results from multiple forms of assessment to drive instruction
    • Data driven decision making
    • Graduate college and career ready
    • Parental and student engagement
    • Lifelong learning for all stakeholders
    • Innovative approaches to meet the needs of our diverse population
    • Develop partnerships for student success
    • Rigorous, relevant, and equitable instruction
    • Cultivate strong character
    • Integration of technology to support student learning
    • Professional development to improve student achievement