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    For students with disabilities served under Section 504, the contact person is Dr. Stephen Hall, (256) 538-8051 Option 8.


    Definition of Gifted: Intellectually Gifted Children are those who perform or have demonstrated the potential to perform at high levels in academic or creative field when compared with others of their age, experience, and/or environment. These students require services not ordinarily provided by the regular school program. Children possessing these abilities can be found in all populations across economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.

    Identification of Gifted Programs: Students are identified for the gifted program using multiple criteria, including aptitude, characteristics and behaviors, and performance, according to the guidelines of the Alabama State Department of Education. The information is entered on a matrix where points are assigned according to the established criteria. The total number of points earned determine if the student qualifies for gifted services. 

    Referrals to Gifted Programs: Teachers, counselors, administrators, parents or guardians, peers, self, or any other individual with knowledge of the student's abilities may refer a students. Additionally, all second grade students will be observed as potential gifted referrals, using a gifted behavior checklist. 

    To make a referral to the Gifted Program, contact Carla Scott, Gifted Specialist at (256) 538-8051 Option 8 or your school's counselor.